Monday, October 30, 2006

Ready, steady ...

Dr Grattam Woodson MD wrote a 17-page long booklet to help those who will have to treat each other at home when (not "if") the next influenza pandemic starts to unfold.
No: there will not be a vaccine for the first 6 months. Even then there won't be enough.
No: antiviral drugs (for treatment) will be scarce and may not be available for you or your family. They certainly won't be available in most countries of the world. At all.
Yes: even a bad case of pandemic influenza can and will be treated locally, at home, with whatever you or others have at hand. So how about gaining some knowledge and stocking up on some basic items right now?
Then you can relax or do other things.

Our aim is to translate and adapt the booklet into at least 5 important languages. Maybe 20 important languages. So we need YOUR help.

We want 5 languages in 1 month. We will blog about how this initiative rushes ahead. So far:
Now it's your turn, so please:
Thank you!